Dr. Smith is available to provide privacy consultation services to small health

businesses struggling to care for their patients, maintain their businesses, and abide by

the federal and provincial legal and regulatory requirements for protection of patient


They are available to consult on setting up new practices, building in privacy and security

features from the outset, as well as to help existing practices re-vamp or create new

policies and procedures for  safeguarding their patients' personal health information.

They can help you to design a new practice, or review an existing one. They can develop

policies and procedures that will fit your practice, train your staff, and help you to handle

breaches when they occur.

They also can help you to manage the stress and upset that can come after a breach of personal health information is detected. Most breaches are minor. But, sometimes breaches of personal health information come with a significant personal cost. Don't suffer needlessly. Call Dr. Smith for counselling, help, and advice.

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Hamilton and surrounding area

What is Privacy Consulting?​

Ontario has laws to protect the privacy of your personal information, including your health information. There are certain things that all health practitioners and organizations are supposed to do to keep your information safe and confidential. Hospitals and big health systems have Risk Management Departments, Information and Security teams, and even Vice Presidents of Privacy who develop policies and procedures, and advise the health care providers working for them about how to keep patient information secure. But, small clinics and health practices don't have such teams and people to advise them on how to run their businesses, provide the good care you deserve, and keep your information secure. They need a consultant to help them set up their practices and train their staff who knows the law, but also understands the challenges of starting up and running a small business.

Dr. Smith is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and has been a practicing privacy professional since Ontario declared it's first health privacy law, the Personal Health Information Protection Act in 2004. She has developed policies and procedures to safeguard privacy in a private health clinic, trained staff, and overseen Privacy Impact Assessments. She provides these and other services to small and medium-sized health clinics on as-needed, consultation basis.

She also provides counselling to those affected by breaches and investigations.

Ohsweken / Six Nations and surrounding area

Consulting to small and medium-sized health businesses

Privacy Practice

Emergency / Crisis contacts

If you or someone you care about is feeling like they might hurt themselves or someone else, call 911, contact one of the services below, or go to your nearest emergency room. You also can call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 if you have questions about how to proceed.

  • COAST (Crisis Outreach and Support Team) at 905-972-8338
  • St. Josephs Hospital EPT at 905-522-4941​


  • Six Nations Crisis Services 1-866-445-2204 or 445-2204
  • Ganohkwasra 519-445-4324
  • Brant Crisis Response at 1-866-811-7188
  • Crisis Assessment & Support Team of Halidmand-Norfolk at 1-866-487-2278

Privacy by design to meet legal and regulatory requirements:

  • Setting up new practices
  • Updating privacy policies and procedures for exisiting practices
  • Staff training
  • Post-breach advice and counselling
  • ​Privacy Impact Assessments

Transparency ~ Security  ~ Respect

​​​Dr. Smith has been a privacy professional since 2004 and is one of only a few privacy professionals who are regulated health professionals in Ontario. She may be the only privacy professional in Ontario who is currently a self-employed, practicing regulated health professional in her own clinic. As such, she understands the unique challenges for small businesses that come with trying to balance regulatory requirements with patient care business needs.

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