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  Dr. Amber Smith 

Dr. Smith is registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario to provide clinical, health, and rehabilitation assessment and treatment services to adults in Ontario. This means that she can diagnose and treat injuries and disorders, as well as providing health counselling services to adults. She currently provides evidence-based assessment and treatment of concussion, post-traumatic stress, insomnia/ sleep disorders, depression, chronic pain, and counselling for behavioural health management of lifestyle factors and chronic medical conditions

She also is a privacy professional and an active member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. 

She is the owner director of Smith Health Consulting.

She also enjoys supporting local indigenous and Canadian artists. Come see some of the lovely creations she has at both offices.

Dr. Smith's Professional Experience

  • Six Nations Crisis Services 1-866-445-2204 or 445-2204
  • Ganohkwasra 519-445-4324
  • Brant Crisis Response at 1-866-811-7188
  • Crisis Assessment & Support Team of Halidmand-Norfolk at 1-866-487-2278

Call Us:  1-289-639-5604

Emergency / Crisis contacts

If you or someone you care about is feeling like they might hurt themselves or someone else, call 911, contact one of the services below, or go to your nearest emergency room. You also can call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 if you have questions about how to proceed.

Hamilton and surrounding area


Ohsweken / Six Nations and surrounding area

Transparency ~ Security  ~ Respect

  • COAST (Crisis Outreach and Support Team) at 905-972-8338
  • St. Josephs Hospital EPT at 905-522-4941​

Dr. Smith is a Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychologist, but she is not like most of the other Psychologists you might find in your community. She also is not like most other Privacy Professionals you will meet.

Unlike most psychologists, Dr. Smith's clinical training is in Behavioural Medicine and Neuropsychology. This means that, like most mental health counsellors, she can be supportive and understanding and help you to figure out how to solve your problems. But, unlike most counsellors, she also understands and can explain how thoughts, feelings, and behaviour occur in the brain and how they interact with physical health and medical conditions. She also is a practicing privacy professional, which is pretty unusual for a regulated health professional.

Also, unlike most privacy professionals, whose education, training, and experience tends to be Privacy Law, Information Technology, Information Security, Data Management, or the Financial sector, Dr. Smith's background is solidly in the healthcare world. That means that she understands the challenges of balancing the needs of running a business, looking after other people's healthcare, and protecting patient privacy.

There are things about Dr. Smith that make her different from other health care and privacy professionals. As a result of her experiences, Dr. Smith's approach is collaborative and team-based. She understands privacy needs, but can balance these with the transparency that is required to communicate openly and plainly with patients, payors, and referral sources. She is used to working in teams and respects the contributions of others. She is scientific, but explains her approach to her patients in regular language. She has worked in everything from a small family physician's office to a large, regional comprehensive, multidisciplinary specialty centre (cancer clinic). She has worked in public and private health care systems in Canada and the United States. She has held research and clinical positions, and has a strong history of presenting and publishing papers to contribute to the clinical science of psychology. She is an advocate and has presented to politicians, bureaucrats, and decision-makers about improving access to better mental health care in the province. She is a teacher and mentor. She has taught at the university level, provided workshops, and supervised other psychologists. She is a privacy professional who understands small health business practice needs. She has a long history of providing individual psychological services to adults with good benefit for over 15 years. Her practice is evidence-based and produces results.